“Starlink gave us the new beginning we were looking for. It gave us connectivity we can be proud to share with our guests. It gave us the knowledge we needed to continue to build better train connectivity beyond the satellite [internet] itself…and, most of all, it gave us a new beginning for train enthusiasts to get excited about because it is doable, it is maintainable, [and] it is as exciting as it seems.”



Transportation and Logistics

“Deploying SpaceX Starlink’s low Earth orbit, low latency, high bandwidth service across our fleet is a major milestone in addressing connectivity challenges in an industry with a global and mobile workforce. It allows us to treat our vessels no differently than remote offices, supporting crew safety and wellness – and it enables us to develop new solutions that were technically and financially unviable just a few years ago.”

- Torsten Pedersen, Chief Operating Officer, Seaspan Corportation



“At AquaChile, using Starlink technology has significantly improved our operations in geographically dispersed sectors in the south part of Chile. Many of these sectors are in them most remote areas not only of Chile, but also of the world. We have installed more than 80 antennas, which have allowed us to hold video conferences, VoIP, video surveillance, and IoT data transmission. In addition and as part of our commitment to helping neighboring communities, we have provided free internet to some of these isolated communities.”



Retail & Hospitality

“Starlink’s service is simply easier to install and scale than traditional broadband, all without sacrificing reliability and performance. They have been instrumental in maintaining our high standard of guest service and store operations at over 450 locations across 16 midwestern states.”

- Casey's Convenience Store



“[Starlink] helps our amazing crew stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones and makes it as easy as possible for our guests to share all their great moments and memories...Additionally, the added low latency bandwidth gives our nine world-class cruise lines the capabilities and flexibility to introduce new guest services and features, as well as help enhance operational functions like onboard equipment monitoring and real-time communications between ship and shore teams.”

– John Harshaw, Vice President of IT Connectivity, Ports and Destinations at Carnival Cruise Lines

Chile School District


"[Our] school went from slow, ineffective connectivity for even 2-3 computer stations, to having high speed internet where all 36 of our children can have effective internet connectivity simultaneously...a class-changing event for our teachers and students."

- Aaron M., Superintendent in Ensena, Chile

American Seafoods

Commercial Fishing

“Starlink has revolutionized (our) ability to deliver essential network services to its vessel crew, addressing their desperate need for connectivity. Previously, crew members would spend three months or longer onboard the vessel without consistent contact with the outside world. (With Starlink), they now have the opportunity to maintain constant communication and have fast reliable internet. Moreover, Starlink has empowered (our) vessels to keep pace with the fast-moving modern business landscape by harnessing cloud services that were previously unattainable through traditional vSAT service.”

- American Seafoods Group

Co-Co, Monterey, Mexico

Community WiFi

"Starlink's technology has enabled Coco's operations, delivering high-speed, reliable internet that bridges the digital divide in rural Mexico. Through our streamlined community WiFi services, we're not just offering connectivity, we're opening a window to the world for hundreds in remote areas. With Starlink, we've boosted connection speeds and efficiency, transforming disconnected regions into digitally engaged communities.”



Satellite Operators

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